Sunday, February 17, 2013

Michael Stackpole

This is a published writer who cares about other writers published or not.  He has a very professional looking Facebook page and keeps it up to date; mostly by linking his Tweets from Twitter to the site.  He has links on his site to a great many writers, a lot of them write in the same Genre (SiFi/Fantasy) that he is most noted for.  I have known Michael for about 6 years and his advice to new writers is invaluable and timely in scope.
His Facebook page is not, to my amazement, connected to his webpage  I think this is a mistake because stormwolf is where he offers (for a price) his series of essays he calls "secrets" which make up his 21 Days to a Novel which is a guide for beginning novelists.
Michaels insights on his Facebook page are timely in nature and relate to events as they are happening.  This makes the content fresh and interesting to read.
So I strongly suggest you take a look at his page and determine if you like what is published there.

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